Slim Prominent Soft

Slim Prominent Soft

Speed 2 Glide 4 Turn -3 Fade 0

SLIM is Momentum Disc Golf´s second mold and first putter. Slim is also a good description of the disc. Flight specs: 2 4 -3 0.

With a low height it is different from many other putters on the market and suitable for small hands as well as large hands. The thin feeling of the disc is made to give you better control over your release point during putting, increasing your accuracy. The tighter grip you get on this putter, compared to most other putters, will make it easier for you to spin it faster. The faster spin will decrease the amount of flutter and also increase your accuracy.

SLIM is very understable and maybe not a good disc for longer drives. The main use is within 20 meters from the basket. SLIM can also be used as a utility disc for back-hand, fore-hand and over-hand shots where the under-stability comes to good use, for precision shots up to 50 meters.

Plastic materials:

Slim is produced in 4 different plastic materials.

Buddy: this is a stiff material for players that really like hard material in their putters. It is a grippy basic plastic material at budget price. Flex: this is a flexible, softer material blend for players that like a soft putter. With a tendence to get a better grip at the chains, some players prefer this material for putting. Flex is also basic plastic at budget price.

Prominent Medium: this is a premium plastic material with a longer durablility than the any basic plastic. Not so grippy on the chains and bit more expensive than Buddy and Flex. The advantage is the ability to take a beating when used as an approach disc. This is your choice of material when using SLIM as a utility disc. The release date for Professional Plastic is not set yet, but it will be soon, in the beginning of 2022.

Prominent Soft: this is also a premium plastic material with a longer durability than any basic plastic. The soft version of Prominent is grippy on the chains, grippy in the hand and really soft and flexible to prevent skips and bouncing on the ground. This is your choice if you like a flexible, soft putter for your approach game and/or putting.

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