Nice First run Ghoststamp

Nice First run Ghoststamp

Speed 8 Glide 7 Turn -2 Fade 2

Our first mold is a fairway driver with the following flight specifics: Speed 8, Glide 7, Turn -2 and Fade 2. We call it Nice! It is PDGA-approved.

Beginner Friendly

Nice! is a beginner friendly understable fairway driver that will fly straight and far. Players with “bigger arms” will find Nice! to be quite understable. Nice! works fine for back hand throws and side arm throws when released in a hyzer angle. For experience players Nice! will also be a very useful disc when you have to be creative and find flight paths through the forest. Watch this independantly made review of our test run of NICE! .


Ytterligare information


Vit, 165

1 i lager

Vit, 171

1 i lager

Blå, 175

5 i lager

Rosaaktig, 175

1 i lager

Ljusblå, 175

2 i lager